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Frequently Asked Questions  

1. How do I become a member?

  • Joining NTEU Chapter 228 is easy. Contact your union representative/steward and ask for a Membership form, or print the Membership Form (SF 1187) and deliver it to the U.S. Department of Energy, Germantown Road, Germantown MD, Room C-075. 

2. What is the membership form for?

  • The membership form authorizes personnel to deduct dues from your paycheck. Once that is completed you're on your way to all the benefits of membership.

3. What do I get for the dues I pay?

  • Dues cover the cost of bargaining and contract support. Dues also cover the cost of running National NTEU as well as the local chapters, which if you join our fight would be Chapter 228. NTEU also negotiates contracts, lobbies Congress, and represents employees. Dues also cover the cost of litigation and arbitration. NTEU maintains a field operation of legal advisors to support the needs of bargaining unit employees represented by Chapter 228. 

4. Who can join?

  • All non-management employees are eligible to join NTEU. Some secretarial positions are ineligible to join because of their access to certain types of employee information. Print and Membership Form (SF 1187) and deliver it to the U.S. Department of Energy, Germantown Road, Germantown MD, Room C-075. 

5. How much are the dues I will pay?

  • Please visit the Main Union Office at the U.S. Department of Energy, Germantown Road, Germantown MD, Room C-075 for a dues chart.

6. How much of my dues go to support political groups or activities?

  • No part of union dues are used to support any political groups or activities.

7. What is a grievance?

  • Any time a bargaining unit employee has a dispute with a management official, that employee, through their Steward, can file a formal complaint to resolve the dispute. Grievances can have a multi-step process and will be explained more if an employee should need the Union to file one. Although many disputes can be settled by informally discussing the issue with management, NTEU has the grievance procedure in place. 

8. What does "bargaining unit" mean?

  • Bargaining unit means any group of non-management employees.

9. What are my rights?

  • Please click here for your rights as a federal employee.

10. When should I get in touch with my steward?

  • You should contact your steward when you feel your rights have been violated. It is important that you contact your steward immediately because some issues require filing a grievance within 15 workdays.

11. Who is my steward?

  • Please visit the steward page to view a list of stewards and what area they cover.

12. Why should I become a member?

Here are Five Reasons:

  • There's real strength in numbers.
  • NTEU can help you be successful in your workplace.
  • We take on big picture issues like pay and the smaller stuff that gets under your skin at work. 
  • With NTEU, your opinion matters.
  • You receive substantive information on what's going on, both in your workplace and throughout the federal sector.

13. Why do members have to pay dues?

  • Dues cover negotiations of contracts, lobbying Congress, representing employees, and arbitrations.

14. You already represent me, why should I join?

  • NTEU does not have to represent a non-member in alternative discipline, disciplinary actions, oral replies or unacceptable performance which are the first and often most common issues a employee comes to the union to resolve. NTEU is also not obligated to survey non-members about what they would like in a national or local agreement. No one receives representation for free. Your co-workers who are members are paying your tab. 

15. If I'm not a member, do you still have to represent me?

  • NTEU is required to represent non-members only in contract related problems. NTEU is not required to represent non-members before the EEOC, MSPB, and the Comptroller General or in class action suits in the courts as well as in alternative discipline, disciplinary actions or oral replies which are the first and often most important steps in resolving these types of issues. NTEU is also not obligated to survey non-members about what they would like in a national or local agreement.Type your paragraph here.