What is Bulk Check Printing?

Bulk check printing is the process of printing multiple checks at the same time. This means you print batches of checks instead of printing one at a time.

Therefore, this process involves both offline and online operations. It involves three major processes including:

  • Order processing
    You’ll need to enter details about your order, like the number of checks you want. When you provide the required information, the company will allocate your printing request. After issuing requests, they prepare and ship batches of checks to customers.
  • Check Creation
    Once the requests are received by manufacturing departments, they begin work by preparing and cutting paper according to the orders. After preparing the paper, they cut it into sheets and insert them into a check writer machine. After inserting checks, they place a magnetic strip on the back of each sheet.
  • Creation & Embossing
    The next stage involves applying ink to create all details you want to appear on your checks – including signature, company name, and account information. In most cases, companies use a printer to print the details on the checks. This is because it offers a better quality compared to other traditional printing machines.

    The machine then prints images and colors onto the front and back of prepared checks. When this process is complete, they add a perforated stub at the top of each check. The stub holds your routing number, check sequence number, and customer account number. You can choose to have checks made from classic stock or high-quality premium stock. It’s also possible to request windowed envelopes. What type of check you want depends on how often you use them.